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ok, so. these past few days have been just a little bit crazy. my mom threw a huge party on saturday for my birthday, sunday was good and i went shopping, and then yesterday...

we got robbed. the oddest part is, i was home alone and was there while the whole thing happened. someone knocked at the door and rang the doorbell five times, and i NEVER answer the door. then i heard noises from inside the house so i ran and closed my door, called my dad, and he was on his way over. one of the guys came upstairs and was right outside of my room, so i moved outside onto the porch that goes off of my bedroom. when my dad came, the guys ran into their car and sped off, and i just started BAWLING while dad called the cops. it was so, so strange... a policeman came, and then later CSI came. you know, it's just not something you think would ever happen to you. the scariest part is that they were only here for seven minutes tops and were able to steal over $20,000 worth of stuff. so just a word of warning: always lock your doors and if you ever have kids, never leave them alone in the house no matter how old you are :\
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