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life. what a pain in the ass. so much has been going on lately, it's like i haven't had time for anything. hence the ZERO updates. i went to asheville school (my old school's) graduation last weekend and saw all of my best friends graduate. sad, but so awesome. that night a whole bunch, like 45, of us went to one of the kids' house and partied like crazy. it was the only good party i've ever been to. i took a toooon of pictures.
i'm officially a bleach blonde now, haha. talk about weird. i'm almost done with senior projects, so that's good. my last graduation requirement, yay! i'm working with the charlotte speech and hearing center, which is going really well. both of my parents have some sort of problem with either speech or hearing, so i've always been pretty interested in it. oh, and i don't think i've mentioned that the school wants me to speak at baccalaureate. WHAT THE HELL. i've only been there a year. :/ oh well.

i'm... the blonde one. it's still weird to think that's me. but whatever. the other girl is one of my bestest friends, and we should be going to school together next year at guilford college, and hopefully might room together. she's the girl whose mother died earlier in the year.

yeah, i'm tired. that's about all i have to say now, except for....

I"M SEEING DURAN DURAN ON JULY 20TH. THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW ME KNOW HOW DAMN EXCITED I AM. i seriously start to like cry when i think that roger taylor is going to be in front of me in two months. alkfhas;lkgfhaskhfaslkhdfa
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