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1. I'm shocked at myself for actually doing this thing :\

2. I feel kind of bad for only liking one Blonde Redhead song.

3. I really really don't like Conor Oberst or Bright Eyes.

4. I only like one of Bloc Party's songs too.

5. I have really really dark hair (not black) but I dye it light brown.

6. I have a TON of pet peeves. Some are: when people leave too much spaces between themselves and other cars at stoplights, grammatical errors, stubborn people (including myself).

7. I bite my nails a LOT.

8. The two people I consider my best friends I've never even met in person yet.

9. People say I don't allow myself to get close to them. It's one of my biggest problems in life.

10. I've had severe depression for almost two years.

11. I've had a slight eating disorder for almost three years.

12. I have dyslexia sometimes :\ I say I contracted it from my math teacher.

13. Speaking of him, I HATE HIM and so does the whole school.

14. I'm secretly a cam whore, but I never let anyone see the pictures. Unless they're ridiculously good.

15. I'm trying to make these as short as possible.

16. I have a soft spot for some rap. I know.

17. I DON'T have a soft spot for country.

18. I grew up in South Carolina SC for 13 years.

19. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.

20. I lost my best friend to drugs 4 years ago.

21. I give my heart out to every boy that I see.

22. I develop crushes on all of my guy friends.


24. I have an older half-brother who is the complete opposite of me. He's living in Paris right now for a year and I'm kind of jealous.

25. I love love love jewelry.

26. I love making mix CDs and do them all the time.

27. I love psychology and love studying the makeup of the mind and the reasons behind peoples' actions and personalities.

28. I'm disgusted when bands I like become mainstream. I guess I'm just disgusted by their new "fans."

29. Actually, those two best friends that I have, we formed our friendships with each other through Weezer in both instances.

30. There's only one person at my new school that I've actually been able to connect with.


32. I played basketball for 4 years and volleyball for 2 years. I liked volleyball better.

33. I can't think of any good music that came out of the 90s at the present moment.

34. I secretly want to marry a ridiculously rich southern boy and live in either Charleston or Charlotte and have lots of little spoiled children that I can dress up and take care of every day.

35. I cry at least once a week, usually.

36. There are a LOT of bands that I only love one of their songs, or like at all.

37. My best concert experience ever was Hot Hot Heat.

38. I saw Elton John in concert. THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES.

39. I have no "type" when it comes to guys. I usually crush on the boys that no one else gives a second look.

40. I'm really having to scourge for information about myself now.

41. I have blue eyes, and wouldn't want them any other way.

42. Sometimes I think I have the best taste in music ever. (But then again, who doesn't?)

43. I'm in LOVE with Emma Bunton's (Baby Spice's) new solo career.

44. When I was in elementary school, my friends and I formed a "Jr. Spice" group. I was Posh Spice. <3

45. I spend more money on makeup than anything else. I LOVE IT.

46. I want to be taller and more graceful.

47. I want to get into college and have a boyfriend.

48. I used to have a strong grasp on my life and my future, and then everything collapsed. Now I have no direction and no intelligence. Oh wellz.

49. My leg has already fallen asleep.

50. I know two years of Spanish and three years of French, and I HATE science.

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