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Since I've been feeling crappy, I figured I would feel better if I took pictures of my autographs and stuff to put them all in one place. I don't know why that would make me feel better, but whatevs. And when I say autographs, I mean the grand total of the like three that I have. haha But anyway, LOOK!

Patrick Park opened for The Thrills & My Morning Jacket once. He's really good, and reallllly nice. Haha if you can see where he wrote my name, he had to use three different pens before he found one that worked.

They were in such a bad mood that day. But Conor gave me his harmonica, so whatevs.

Paul Hawley of Hot Hot Heat. Yeah, it totally looks like he misspelled his own name. I do that too, those 'l's, 'e's, and 'y's together are a bitch.

I LOVE YOU dysphasia

mmmmmmmm autograph of my dreams

Signed Hot Hot Heat shirt. hahaha who knows why Dante signed it upside down...

!!!!!!! I need to get this framed. It's hanging above my bed now, haha. It's all creased because I had to carry it around in my purse during the whole concert. :(

This picture looks stupid. And I HATE that lampshade ewww. But note the Roger Taylor poster, or his lower half. haha. My dream mannn yes.

My mini-shrine to Interpol right above my computer.

Those roses are from VALENTINES DAY. I know that's gross. I only keep them because I think they look amazing for being over two months old haha.

Cool, right? I keep most of my earrings on a ribbon on a lampshade hahaha hottt.


Achilles from The Fever. Suuuch a sweet man. Geremy in the background -- god I loved that man.

I was going to post the picture of me, Geremy from The Fever, and Johan from Moving Units, but damn it's a bad picture. So I changed my mind. Moving on.

OK so normally I'd be like whatever, I'll post the picture even though it's a bad picture of me, but I look SO BAD HERE IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. So in order for you to see how in love Steve and I are, I just blocked myself out. haha. How scene.

</span> Yeah, we're getting married.

And stfu about how I look. The pictures are two years old.

Obligatory outside world post: School sucks.</b></a>
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